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  • About Billiards
    See what's happening in the exciting world of 9-ball, 8-ball, Straight pool, Three-cushion and Snooker. From About.com.
  • Ace's Pool Lit and Links
    Pool in literature, fine art, and on the web.
  • AzBilliards.com
    News, articles, interviews, money list, and TV Reminder servers.
  • Barb's Billiards Art
    Free Billiards art, 8-ball, 9-ball, pool balls and pool tables. Good for use on web sites or signs. Link-to-me art.
  • Barenada's Pool Page
    Personal site with practice activities and other pool tidbits. Especially related to Bank Pool.
  • Billiard Directory
    Guide to help people find billiard-related businesses such as pool rooms, suppliers, instructors, pool tables. Offers search tools by location, and provides details for paid membership.
  • Billiard Directory
    Directory of links including custom and production cue manufacturers, tables and accessories, organizations and leagues, news and publications.
  • Billiards Digest Interactive Message Board
    Message board with on-line with experts, players and enthusiasts of the sport.
  • Billiards, Pool, Snooker Links from Blackball
    A mammoth site of categorized Billiard, Pool and Snooker links worldwide.
  • Billiards Reference Worldwide
    Personal and commercial billiard sites, magazines, professional players, tournaments and leagues. Places To Play in the St. Louis Area.
  • The Billiards Room 2000
    Directory of pool and billiards links, with over 900 links by category. Home of the Pool and Billiard Surfers webring, and The Billiards room 2000 Sharkscove webring.
  • Billiard's World
    Created by a Bali International School Student, this site offers a overview of the sport's history, development, and local halls in Bali.
  • Boulevard Billiards
    Allentown, PA. Events, photographs, players, and contacts.
  • Cannonball Pool
    Fast-action, intelligent and attack-oriented version of 8-ball pool which allows players to utilise additional versatile and dynamic combination shots.
  • Champion Billiards
    News, events, history, tournaments, and services. Located in Hudson, NY.
  • Cues n Views
    David Smith`s celebration of the world of billiards, snooker and other cue sports. Includes articles and comment and a memorabilia collecting section.
  • Cue-Sports in New Zealand
    To promote and foster all cue sports in New Zealand. Results from meetings and competitions from around the country. Pictures of players and venues.
  • CueTopia Billiard Cafe
    Offers 25 pool tables, darts, foosball, tournaments and leagues. San Jose, CA. Tournaments, members, specials, and links.
  • Derby Hotel pool team
    News, squads, results, statistics, and contacts. Members of the Radcliffe and District league and the Bury league in Greater Manchester. Located in Whitefield, Manchester, England.
  • Fast Larry
    World trick shot champion, Fast Larry and Wonder Dog, the worlds greatest pool and billiard trick shot show. Photographs, reviews, and teaching credentials.
  • Greatest Pocket Billiards Sites On The Web
    A webring for sites that offer pool instruction, news, and supplies and equipment.
  • Human Action Media
    9-Ball international events in China. News articles, events, and contacts.
  • Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards
    Instructional book, on-line video demonstrations, super slow-motion video clips illustrating pool principles, technical proof analyses of pool principles, and useful links.
  • Ladiespool.com
    Tournament information and player profiles. Also, official site of Linda Leadbitter, a leading 8 ball woman's player.
  • MNBilliards.com
    nformation portal for the Minnesota and Upper Midwest pool and billiards player community. Includes information on tournaments, leagues, advice, newsletters, pool hall locator, and discussion forums.
  • The No Mercy Pool Team
    The team site consisting primarily of pool and billiard pictures and links.
  • North American Poolplaying Establishments
    Includes pool rooms, taverns, tournaments, pool leagues, league operators, referees, instructor, place to play, events to play in and instructors.
  • The Official CalvinPool Website
    A fun, silly, bizarre game that incorporates elements of pool (billiards), humorous movies, and various unjustified pieces of equipment.
  • OnTheCheese.Com Billiards
    Includes news, stories, cartoons and links. Raleigh, NC and South Eastern United States.
  • Play Pool
    Find pool rooms and pool tournaments anywhere in the USA. Single and double elimination tournament charts available for free download.
  • The Pocket Devils
    A Durham Region Canadian Poolplayers Association Team for 8 Ball and 9 Ball.
  • Pool in Aruba
    All pool and billiard news of Aruba, plus Pan-American 9 Ball and local ranking, and pool venues.
  • Poolroom.com
    The most complete poolroom database on the net with lots of Searching and Sorting options.
  • The Rack
    Home of The Mississippi 9-Ball Championships, Rackbilliards Promotions, and The Jackson Players Association 8-Ball League.
  • Richmond County 8 Ball Classic League
    The official web site of the Richmond County 8 Ball Classic. Located in Staten Island, New York. Designed by Stephen Pannunzio.
  • Twin Cities Billiards
    The Midwest's billiards site listing billiard halls, taverns, bars, billiard cafes and links plus articles on pool and billiards.
  • UK 8 Ball
    Offers UK news, tournament information, message forum, and online shop.
  • uk-pool.com
    8 Ball pool, Darren Appleton and Mick Hill top pool players forums and chat.
  • Wesley's page of Pool and Billiards
    This site contains information on pool, along with links.
  • World Pool Championship
    Rules, scoring, match structure, results, player profiles, videos, and contacts.


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