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  • Annual Festa Italiana Bocce Tournament
    Official of the event in Seattle, Washington, United States. Provides an application form, an overview of the event, and rules.
  • BAM's Bocce
    Information on the rules of bocce and where to play bocce in the United States.
  • Bocce Ball Anyone?
    Official Italian Bocce Balls, Bocce Ball sets and accessories.
  • Bocce Court Design and Installation
    Boccebrew, a division of Brewer Landscape Construction, is a company based in San Rafael, California that designs and builds Bocce courts.
  • Bocce Federation of Australia
    News, events, contacts, games, history, shop, magazine, research, and links.
  • Bocce History
    A history of Bocce, with an account of how the game is played.
  • Bocce on the Net
    Basic layout and rules for the game of Bocce.
  • Bocce Stats Analyzer
    The Capo's best friend. Use this system to track your bocce player's statistics.
  • The Bocce Store
    Equipment, clothing, and accessories for the sport.
  • Collegium Cosmicum Ad Buxeas
    The international organization for the sport of Bocce. Includes court design, history, rules, and news.
  • Fisher Bocce Links
    This is page is a collection of Bocce links.
  • Greg's Bocce Page
    I put these pages together to help you figure out most of what you need to know in order to play Bocce.
  • Have You Heard About Bocce
    A book that takes drill and instruction to the same level as that of basketball, baseball, and other sports.
  • Integrale Boules
    Professional Sales and Advise when purchasing your French petanque and Italian bocce boules.
  • International Boccia Commission
    A discussion board, members-only section, links to competitions and rules of the sport.
  • iSportsDigest.com
    A directory with links to a large number of Bocce sites.
  • Italian Sporting Club in Agawam
    The Club is a social organization going back to 1935 that features indoor and outdoor bocce.
  • John Pirelli Lodge: Bocce
    Italian American bocce club in Dayton Ohio.
  • Lake Keller Bocce League
    Everything about the LKBL in Caledonia, NY, home of the "Wildcat Chat". Includes schedule, roster, and statistics.
  • Let's Play Bocce
    Informational site with history and rules, and listings of tournaments, associations, courts, and clubs.
  • Long Island Bocce Club
    Dedicated to the continued expansion of bocce ball in Long Island. Includes tournament schedules, membership application and general information.
  • Rules of Bocce
    Bocce rules with diagrams.
  • Seattle Bocce Club
    All information about Seattle Bocce Club, bocce sport, courts, rules, equipment, tournaments, championships, bocce in the USA and the world.
  • United States Bocce Federation
    Contains the history of bocce, tournament listings, rules, required skills and training.
  • Wonderful World of Bocce Association
    An organization based in Springfield, Massachusetts but serving everyone, includes history, instructions for building a court, frequently asked questions, and equipment and accessories.
  • World Bocce Association
    How to play bocce ball, rules and regulations. How to build a bocce ball court. Video available.


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