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  • Bowl Brunswick
    Includes hours, locations, and directions for these bowling centers.
  • Bowler's Web
    This site is dedicated to bowlers throughout the world including bowling records, special reports and other tenpin bowling information.
  • Bowling Fanatic
    E-discussion group about bowling all levels including beginner to professional
  • Bowling Forums
    Answers questions posted in forums on balls, shoes, other equipment, hook, and pin pickup.
  • Bowling Science
    Scientific principles applied to the sport of tenpin bowling.
  • Bowling-Biz
    A resource with news, bowling center directory, and tips.
  • BowlingTracker.com
    Track scores and statistics.
  • Briggs Consulting
    A firm specializing in sport science for the bowler, as well as professional training and instruction.
  • Channel Surfers Bowling
    News, clinic, tips, forums, and contacts.
  • College Bowling
    Designed for the collegiate level, it provides news, tournament and conference results, in addition to other resources.
  • How Bowling Pinsetters Work
    Fully-illustrated tutorial shows how bowling pinsetters are able to pick up standing pins, clear the lane of any knocked-over pins and accurately reset the pins after every ball.
  • International 3 Pin Bowlers Association
    Governing body for three-pin bowling. Includes history, regulations and resources.
  • International Bowling Museum
    Includes the history of bowling, a online museum gift shop, and various links about the sport of bowling. Located in St. Louis, Missouri.
  • KT Bowling
    Provides equipment for bowling centers in China. Located in Beijing.
  • MiniLane Bowling Attraction
    Manufacturer of 50% to scale bowling equipment for Ten Pin, Duck Pin, and Nine Pin bowling games. Includes company background, target markets, current customers, investment opportunities, product specification and pricing.
  • Scottish Indoor Bowls
    Covering all aspects of the game of bowls as played on a special carpet indoors as apposed to lawn bowls which is played on grass. Includes the rules, and information.
  • Tenpin Bowling All Over the Web
    News, links, tournaments, results, and equipment.
  • TenpinBowling.org
    General information and tutorials about bowling, plus clips and related links.
  • USIC Corporation
    Refurbishes and distributes used bowling equipment, including lanes and bumpers.
  • Virtua Bowl
    Online bowling and other games, bowling tips, links to other bowling sites, and bowling store.
  • YBC Master Bowlers Association
    Proposal for a Youth Bowling Council Master Bowlers Association. Canada.


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