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  • At The Oche
    Personal view of darts. Includes calendar, links, outchart page and pictures.
  • Australian Darts Federation
    Information of upcoming events and the promotion of darts within the country. Includes news, results and general darting details.
  • AZDarts.com
    Features news and related links.
  • Bullseye Darts
    Includes summary of types of games, doubling out chart, and related links.
  • Buzz's Dart Page
    Collection of dart links and personal information.
  • Crow's Dart Page
    Provides basic information about the sport with rules, charts, definitions, graphics, comics, equipment, strategy, tips, related links, and resources for league and tournament management, software, and online games. Also features local leagues and bars including schedules and statistics for Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Dart Clubs
    International links for steel and soft tip clubs and associations around the World.
  • The Dart Thrower
    E-zine includes polls, advice on techniques and equipment, charts, book reviews, links, and mailing list.
  • Darters.com
    Download tournament brackets and player schedules.
  • DarterZ.com
    International soft and steel tip information. Instructional articles, image gallery, chatroom, rules of play, and downloads.
  • Dartplayer.net
    Includes forums, newsletter, results and darts news from around the World.
  • Darts Across The World
    Features links to leagues by country.
  • For the Dart Enthusiast
    Includes board setup, equipment, chart, rules, terms, and a poem.
  • Game On
    Javascript utility to keep track of dart scores.
  • House of Darts
    Games, terms and definitions, equipment advice, history, rules and etiquette, web rings, and graphics.
  • Introduction
    Summary of the sport including information about the board, 301, 501, and cricket.
  • The Legends of Darts Tour
    Details of a tour of Canada in 2004 by John Lowe and Eric Bristow. Includes links to other darting sites.
  • Lets Play Darts
    Scorekeeper to download.
  • Patrick Chaplin, Darts Historian
    Social history and origins of the game, book reviews and links.
  • Roweesbar
    Personal stories about darts in Australia.
  • Rules of Darts
    History and rules of many dart games.
  • South Eastern Washington Area Darts
    Tournaments, leagues, practice ideas, web links to other area dart sites and news of the area.
  • White Horse Dart Source
    Soft tip information. Includes rules of play, strategies, Medalist dart league information, and weekly tournament list for the Seattle-Tacoma, Washington area.
  • WinTour Tournament Management Software
    Latest version, FAQ, and patches for darts tournament freeware.
  • BBC SPORT World Darts Championship
    Offers results, schedules, history of the tournament and a guide to the seeded players. (July 30, 2002)


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