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  • Compass Sport
    Britain's national orienteering magazine. Full event coverage with worldwide circulation.
  • Finding North by the Moon
    Shows 2 methods of finding north by the moon.
  • How To Use a Compass
    An illustrated compass tutorial. It teaches how to use a compass in several lessons. From an easy introduction to how to find the way in dense fog or if you haven't got a compass. Also contains suggested exercises.
  • Hungarian Orienteering
    Includes general facts about Hungary, council members of the Hungarian Orienteering Federation, list of local Federations and clubs, links to Hungarian orienteers, results, profiles of the Hungarian National Team, 2000 and 2001 Hungarian Cup results, clickable local maps, Hall of Fame, and related links.
  • Magnetic Compass from "How Stuff Works"
    Illustrated tutorial explains magnetic compass operation and shows how to make your own compass.
  • Map Reading and Land Navigation
    Online manual on map reading and land navigation based on US Army training materials which includes instructions on maps, compasses and other navigational aids.
  • Maps and Compasses
    Extensive coverage of navigation, not only for orienteering.
  • Navigation With Map and Compass
    Links to resources that deal with navigation.
  • Northwest Adventures
    Produces multi-discipline, muscle powered adventure races in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Orienteering
    Information on the sport and the skills needed to play it. Includes diagrams and pictures.
  • Orienteering and Rogaining Home Page
    The oldest of the large orienteering pages on the net. This page has been around for more than six years.
  • Orienteering for the Young
    A booklet about orienteering by James Baker. It explains in several pages how a course for beginners are made.
  • Orienteering in Ireland
    Clubs, fixtures, results, news, magazine, forum and links are provided, as well as an explanation of the sport and details of the Irish Orienteering Association.
  • Orienteering Unlimited
    Provides information about the sport of orienteering. In addition, it describes the program and map making services offered by Orienteering Unlimited.
  • Scientific Journal of Orienteering
    Abstracts of articles included in the journal and subscription information. Also describes how to contribute to the periodical.
  • Slovakian Orienteering Homepage
    Information about Slovak Orienteering in English by Juraj Petrinec. Terrain descriptions, news, archives, contacts, and links.
  • Treasure Hunt Adventures
    Offers orienteering training events throughout the US. Specializes in school programs, teacher training seminars and corporate team building. Contact information and explanation of services.
  • The Western Orienteering and Land Navigation Adventure Company
    Field trips with instruction in map, compass, and Global Positioning Systems. Teaches bearings, triangulate, plot co-ordinate grids, compensate for declination and read topographic maps.
  • What is Orienteering?
    Description of the sport, as well as map legends, contol symbols and how to teach the game.
  • Wilderness Survival: Field-Expedient Direction Finding
    Describes how to use the sun and shadows for determining direction with illustrations. Also includes information on how to use the stars for finding direction and making an improvised compass.
  • World of O
    An extensive index of orienteering sites maintained by Norwegian orienteer Jan Kocbach.


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